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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Feng Shui Dining Tables- Feng Shui Tips

Why are round dining tables great Feng Shui? 
Is your dining table auspicious? Let’s find out!

-Feng Shui Tips for Everyday-

Round tables in feng shui

All Regular Shapes are Auspicious in Feng Shui:
Correct. In this practice, all regular shapes are welcome. So, if you have a square, rectangular, round or octagonal (Bagua shaped) dining table, you’re ok! Also, each of these shapes represents an element:

Square=Earth Element
Fire is represented by a triangular shape and water is wavy.

But, there is always room for enhancements right? It is said that round dining tables result in more peaceful meals, there are less arguments between family members and there are no sharp edges that disturb the harmony of the environment.

The Chinese and Round Dining Tables throughout History:
As stated above, the Chinese also believed that round dining tables were best because harmony was achieved during meals and reunions. The shape symbolizes peaceful and smooth relationships and equality in the family.
You won't be able to find a single Chinese family that doesn't own a round dining table! They are made from the finest woods and are carved with auspicious symbols signifying abundance throughout the year. These tables are commonly decorated with beautiful flower arrangements representing great fortunes.

The Meaning of the Circle
The circle often symbolizes harmonious relationships and heavenly chi. Families seated at a round table will not have to deal with heavy energies and the father figure is respected deeply. 

All members should sit where they most feel secure to assure good Feng Shui energy. If you'd like you can also use the individual Kua number in order to know what each member’s auspicious directions are. 
Here’s a very simple Feng Shui Kua Number calculator you can use:

What can you do next?
If you own a round dining table then you now know the great energies it attracts.
If you own a different shaped table don't worry! You can use the element it represents to your advantage in the area that falls into your dining room. For example, check the flying stars and see what elements are auspicious in each star:

Check our flying star element chart to find out:

Guiding your Feng Shui Journey

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The 2015 Lapis Blue Medicine Buddha

blue tibetan medicine buddha
The Lapis Blue Medicine Buddha beholds wonderful meanings...

Lapis Blue Color
The blue color represents the Lapis Lazuli stone. It is a stone that has been known as the master healing stone for thousands of years. This stone was more precious than gold itself in ancient times.

His Mudra (Hand Posture)
The Right hand resting on his lap, both index and thumb together is a mudra that symbolizes the elimination of Sicknesses. 
The Left, resting on the lap symbolizes the peace in meditation, which is also a very effective method of eliminating diseases and curing oneself when we look within.

The Myrobalan Plant held in the Bowl
This herb symbolizes the greatest medicines in the world in one. It is used to cure many diseases in current times.

The Arura Plant in the Right Hand
It is considered the plant that will cure all diseases existing on Earth.

Inspiring your Feng Shui Journey

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Illuminated Stupa for Spiritual Protection

2015 Feng Shui Stupa cure

  • What are Stupas in Feng Shui?

Stupas are Buddhist monuments. They express the nature of the mind in a perfect way. Represented in it is the path through the 10 Bodhisattva levels until enlightenment is reached. They are revered by millions or people worldwide as a magical object with miraculous powers.

  • Where should I place my Stupa in the Year 2015?
The Stupa should be placed in the Center as a cure for the Flying Star #3 in 2015. This star brings conflicts and aggravations and the Stupa symbol will protect and create auspicious energy in this area of your home. It will bring comfort and peace to the conflict area.

Questions or concerns? We'd love to help!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

4 Easy Steps to Correctly Smudge your Home

feng shui smudging

Cleansing is beneficial for many types of situations. It is used for clearing old negative energies or heavy energy. 
It's a great way to shift the energy "back to 0", this is positive, it's like new beginnings. 
Keep in mind that to cleanse properly your intention is very important, you are cleansing energies in the home, but you're also cleansing yourself. 
We hope you enjoyed our 4 Easy steps to Correctly Smudge/Cleanse your Home!

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Content and images have been copyrighted- Prohibited reproduction.
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