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Thursday, February 26, 2015

5 Feng Shui Cures to Attract Wealth

Top 5 Feng Shui Cures to attract wealth
If you've practiced Feng Shui for some time now, you do know that there are many cures that can enhance your wealth area, however, there are certain cures that are simply must-haves at home if you want to attract prosperous energies.
Let's begin with our list!

1. Feng Shui Money Frog/Toad

This small three-legged creature is said to bring fortune and luck apart from activating prosperity. It represents the "Yin" side of nature, attracting healing and wealthiness. It's considered strong guide for the transference of good fortune and prosperity, accompanied by a coin in its mouth representing money.
Where can I place my Money Frog?

You want to place it near your entrance facing inwards (money entering). You can also place it in your North area (Career) or SE area (Wealth) to set off a rich flow of prosperity and wealth into your life.
If you own a store, you can place it near or on your cash register or wherever you keep your finance paperwork, or near the entrance facing inwards as well.

2. The Feng Shui Carp Fish
Feng Shui Carp Fish
The Carp fish represents wealth and prosperity. The Chinese word translates to "abundance".
It is also a symbol of strength and bravery, as we all know, they Carp is known for swimming upstream, or against the currents. It lives for over a hundred years!
Displaying statues or figurines representing the Carp Fish, will definitely attract good fortune into your home or business.
Where should I place this cure?
As with the Money Toad, you should place it in your Career or Wealth areas.

3. The Horse
Feng Shui Running Horses
Like the animal itself, the horse symbol represents success, endurance, bravery and most importantly forward momentum. 

It is an excellent cure if you want to achieve a great reputation in your business.
Because of its "Yang" energy, it focuses on one's energy into the path of success or fame.
Horse Symbol Placement: 
Place two horse symbols together to represent a strong partnership or marriage. If you place it in your SW area of any room it will energize fortune and luck in social situations. Display them facing a door or window.

4. 8 Golden Ingots
Feng Shui Ingots

Ingots are a very strong symbol of wealth, it has this very distinctive shape. In ancient times, this was the currency of high-ranking noblemen.
When displayed as a cure, it represents money income with no efforts, just floating towards you as through the water. 

Why 8? The 8, like the infinity symbol, represents endless good fortune and abundance in wealth and business.
Where should I display these? 

Display them in your wealth vases, wealth bowls or sailing ships. You can also place them on your work desk to represent money income with less efforts. 

5. Chinese Coins
Chinese Coin Cure
Chinese coins symbolize money and obviously wealth.
However, they do have another use. They can be set as a cure for protection and good luck. 
Placing your coins: 
Place the coins of your choice in your wealth area to activate prosperous energies. Also, you should find the way to display them that best suits your home decoration. You can hang a Chinese Coin Tassel or you can even frame a couple of Chinese coins. They can also be placed on a surface, like your working desk for example. Keep in mind that you don't have to display them for plain view, you can also keep them hidden in your home in the appropriate areas.

If you plan to choose any of these for your home or office, make sure you always choose the cure that you will feel best with. According to Feng Shui, if you really like what you see everyday and know what it represents, the symbols will create even greater energies. 

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Fun Facts about The Chinese New Year 2015

The Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year is right around the corner, rolling by this Feb. 19th, with fireworks, traditional celebrations and festivals all around Asia.
Because of what this very important year represents in terms of Feng Shui, we would like to share with you, 3 important and (very) interesting facts about the Lunar New Year!
We hope you enjoy them and find them useful, because interesting topics are always welcome to learn more, right? Remember, this year is the year of the 8, bringing power and balance, take advantage of it!

We wish you more successes, wisdom and balance.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Salt Cleanse the Kitchen in 3 Easy Steps.

How to salt cleanse

The kitchen remains to be the most vulnerable room in the home. This is why it's so important to salt cleanse it once a year. Don't worry about time getting in the way of your cleansing, grab a hold of any weekend or break (if you work from home) and start purifying!

Where can I find Sea Salt to cleanse? ->

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Feng Shui Dining Tables- Feng Shui Tips

Why are round dining tables great Feng Shui? 
Is your dining table auspicious? Let’s find out!

-Feng Shui Tips for Everyday-

Round tables in feng shui

All Regular Shapes are Auspicious in Feng Shui:
Correct. In this practice, all regular shapes are welcome. So, if you have a square, rectangular, round or octagonal (Bagua shaped) dining table, you’re ok! Also, each of these shapes represents an element:

Square=Earth Element
Fire is represented by a triangular shape and water is wavy.

But, there is always room for enhancements right? It is said that round dining tables result in more peaceful meals, there are less arguments between family members and there are no sharp edges that disturb the harmony of the environment.

The Chinese and Round Dining Tables throughout History:
As stated above, the Chinese also believed that round dining tables were best because harmony was achieved during meals and reunions. The shape symbolizes peaceful and smooth relationships and equality in the family.
You won't be able to find a single Chinese family that doesn't own a round dining table! They are made from the finest woods and are carved with auspicious symbols signifying abundance throughout the year. These tables are commonly decorated with beautiful flower arrangements representing great fortunes.

The Meaning of the Circle
The circle often symbolizes harmonious relationships and heavenly chi. Families seated at a round table will not have to deal with heavy energies and the father figure is respected deeply. 

All members should sit where they most feel secure to assure good Feng Shui energy. If you'd like you can also use the individual Kua number in order to know what each member’s auspicious directions are. 
Here’s a very simple Feng Shui Kua Number calculator you can use:

What can you do next?
If you own a round dining table then you now know the great energies it attracts.
If you own a different shaped table don't worry! You can use the element it represents to your advantage in the area that falls into your dining room. For example, check the flying stars and see what elements are auspicious in each star:

Check our flying star element chart to find out:

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