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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Feng Shui Salt Cure

The salt cure is perfect, static cure; to dispose of negative energies and replace it with pure chi, we recommend you give this a try! We are sure you home will benefit greatly from it.
The salt cure is used to reverse the negative energies caused by the negative flying stars and any other negative energy you might be experiencing at home, or just for cleansing purposes.

The Negative Flying Stars this cure must be used for: #2 - #3 - #5

These stars represent an element that is weaker than metal:
·         #2 & #5 are Earth
·         #3 is Wood.

This is why a strong metal cure is needed to really subdue their negative consequences.
Pay attention if these stars are located anywhere you spend a lot of time in, for example: Kitchen, living room, main entrance, or the home office. In this case the salt cure should definitely be activated.

If the star is located in an area with a bathroom or storage space, or if it is an unused space, you will not need to apply it as it will not be affected as much.

Understanding the use of Salt as a cure:
Since ancient times and as an ancient mineral, it is known for its active cleansing properties. It has the capability to absorb any negativity quickly, leaving behind pure and brand-new energies.

We will be combining salt and water, along with a chemical reaction between metal and salt. We obtain metal by using Chinese Coins. Altogether, we are creating a very strong purifier.

4 Steps to activate your cure:
  • 1.     Fill the container with water in full.
  • 2.     Place the container on the mat or stand and place it wherever you need the cure to be.
  • 3.     You should leave the container open. It will not work if it is placed inside an enclosed area such as a cupboard.
  • 4.     The coins should be placed with the “Yang” side facing up.

Frequently asked questions:
  • ·         Where can I place the cure so it can be safe from getting broken?

You should definitely make sure the cure is placed somewhere where its safe from being touched or tipped over. If you place it in a corner, it should be the safest.
  • ·         I wish for the salt cure to not be visible, what should I do?

If you don’t like what the cure looks like, you can always place it behind a d├ęcor object. Usually a nice plant does it.
  • ·         Make sure the cure is placed somewhere that can be reached easily, you will need to add water as needed.

You should know that the cure will change over time, depending on the amount of negative energy it will receive. It may build-up a lot of salt crystals and even over flow from the edges. If this occurs, you should change the cure more than once a year.

Get your salt cure by UFS HERE

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Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Rise the Feng Shui to your Pathway

Fixing and rising the Chi leading to your entrance

In Feng Shui anything that has to do with the front door is important. There’s a difference between an entrance with no pathway, a straight pathway and a curvy pathway. The way a pathway is arranged, directly affects the energy and the way it is leaded to your front door. A pathway can also be welcoming, and not so much. And this is just something that works subconsciously in our minds when walking up a pathway to a new neighbor’s door for example. The path leading to the front door, speaks for itself. Imagine a straight pathway with no plants, or dead plants, clutter or blocked by objects. Now imagine a curvy pathway, with vegetation around it, flowers and beautiful green grass and a tidy garden. It’s different isn't it? It reflects different aspects of the residents of that home, the first is not welcoming, but the other slows you down, makes you feel at home, it makes you feel comfortable. In the second example, somehow you “feel” that you will be greeted with open arms, right?

There is a certain language being reflected in the way your pathway connects to your front door, and you don’t need to necessarily know anything about its inhabitants. As we know, Feng Shui has to do with the way energy travels and drifts. Also, we know that straight lines don’t exist in nature, not even a tree’s trunk is fully straight, right? So a straight pathway would mean that the energy flow is getting to your door way too strongly and it might not be very beneficial. So the best option is to have some curves going on when it comes to your path.
Hold on! We don’t mean you have to go outside and start digging up what you already have; there are some simple and inexpensive solutions to make your front yard and pathway empower and raise the Chi.
·         Connection
The front path must connect the front door to the street, and yes, this is a must. But no worries, if this is not already set up this way in your front yard, you can make one, even if you don’t use it (which it would be better if you did) you must remember that this will connect in deep symbolic levels and it is very powerful.
You can create one by laying some stepping stones in a curvy fashion leading to your front door. Use any material you like. Just by visiting your local landscaping store you’ll be able to get many ideas! Here are some:

·         Straight Path Solution
Another solution for the straight path leading to the door is to also place stepping stones or any other type of decorative stones alongside of the path in a curvy fashion, this will also create an “illusion” of a curvy path and the energy will be able to travel smoother.

·         Plants
If you have a straight pathway for example, you can always place circular pots on both sides of it to round the energy a bit. It’s best to keep an ODD number of pots, so there is no symmetry and you allow a curvier feel. And remember, less is more, so you don’t go over the top. If you have a really big garden then bigger pots will be needed, but 5 is enough.

·         Keep Everything Lively
Basically is try to keep any plants you will display for this renovation always alive, no dead leaves or stems. We know it takes time, to keep a garden tidy, but gardening is also a relieving and meditating activity, as we are somehow “cleansing” the plants and flowers, we cleanse ourselves as well.

So basically it is not too difficult to either make a great pathway to your front door or modify what you already have. With a little inspiration and will power, everything can be possible, we promise!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

6 Steps to (Finally) Feng Shui your Basement- Easily!

6 Ways to Keep your Basement in excellent Feng Shui Conditions- Easily!

Ok, so we know that basements, like garages, can be challenging to Feng Shui (or to even begin to think about organizing). We understand! But, once in a while, we need a challenge to keep things interesting and to keep our home with those pure energies that we love feeling. And, the basement is a very important part of that energy; it is almost the foundation of it.

Here’s why: According to certain studies, the basement represents the subconscious and rooted feelings that are being suppressed, such as certain desires or things you want to accomplish. It is very meaningful; this is why we have to take the basement into account as a part of the home too!

Now, if you use your basement as a storage room, we suggest you follow our Feng Shui for the Garage tips to begin the de-cluttering process more easily and take that first step. But, if you’d like to transform the basement into a living space (or if it is already a space you use daily, but need to improve), we’d like to help!

Here are: 6 EASY ways to Feng Shui your Basement

  • ·        Starting off with Colors:

If your basement is painted with a dark color, you should definitely change that. Dark colors don’t allow good chi to flow and it makes the space look smaller and more pressurized, since it’s a basement, we already have a lot of that. So you should think about painting in light yellow, whites, or cream colors. Get creative! You can paint most of the walls in a tranquil color like the ones mentioned and a single wall with a stronger accent of the same color, to activate the area. 

  • ·        Purifying Plants:

It is well known that plants purify the air in any space. So, plants are crucial for a basement, in which pure air is pretty limited.
Get any plant of your choice and place it near window, if your basement does not have any windows, place the plants near the entrance or stairs. Plants will make the basement look more lively. Feng Shui bamboo is a good choice since it represents growth and prosperity, plus since it doesn't need to receive much sunlight, it will survive well.

  • ·        Cures and Significant Symbols:

You can decorate the basement with cures based on it’s location on the Bagua map. Feng Shui symbols not only will activate that certain purpose you are trying to fulfill, but will also liven the space with colors.
If, for example, you’d like to have a home office there, decorate with art that means well to you, such as success symbolizing art. Remember, make the space a symbol of what you want to accomplish.

  • ·        Fragrance is Important too:

Indeed. Since basements are a very humid and poorly-aired spaces, smells aren't usually all that nice. So naturally you can use your favorite incense or oil fragrances to keep the air smelling fresh and with your choice of fragrance.
Don’t forget: Fragrances and Incense also serve for a certain purpose, whatever you use your basement for or what you want to attract, there’s a scent for! Check our Incense list to find yours.

  • ·        Remember…

And then we have our basic Feng Shui principles such as:
  • ·        Lighting your space well- Any windows should be uncovered and open most of the time for flow of fresh air and natural light.
  • ·        Clean and Uncluttered: Clean the basement as regularly as your home; remember it also belongs to it! Keep uncluttered and free of unwanted objects.
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Feng Shui tips for an Energized Entrance.

The main door is called "The Mouth of Chi" in Feng Shui, as this is how the house absorbs Chi, or Universal Energy. The amount and quality of energy is largely determined by the condition of your front door and entryway.

If the entryway is clear, open and easy to access,
 chi can enter in high quantity and positive quality. If the front door is hidden, dark or cluttered, chi flow can drastically reduce, symbolically starving the house and its residents of greatly needed energy.
If this is the case, then you should definitely take these easy-to-complete tips:

·        If you can, paint your door with an upbeat color such as red or a color that will lift the energy if your door seems to be hidden from sight or too dark. You can also paint it with the color that belongs to the area it sits on: Click here for more info on entrance colors.

·        If the above tip is not possible, then you can purchase a bright red carpet to place on the outside/inside of the door to activate the entrance. This red needs to be really red! The reddest you can find, to activate auspiciousness.

·        You need to make your entrance the most visible as possible. You can place two pots of luscious plants of your choice on the sides of the entrance. You can also get a little bit more creative and create a path of stones (if possible) leading to your entrance.

·        Lighting is always important in Feng Shui, especially for the entrance. Since it needs to be visible, you can install two lights on each side. A single bright one above is also OK.

·        If you’d like, as a “last touch” you can add a nice water fountain running (which symbolizes flowing opportunities and positive chi) or a statue of a protective figure, such as Buddha. For him to look over your entrance and protect it at all times.


Entryway and hallways should have powerful yang energy which will play a very important role to bring good fortune into the house. Keep it bright and uncluttered all the times, fresh and healthy atmosphere are essential for good health and prevent tiredness.

I hope this article will definitely help you create a welcoming and energized Chi to be spread around your home.

Unique Feng Shui USA

Visit our Feng Shui for Entrances Catalog for more tips and cures to activate!

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