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Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Feng Shui tips for an Energized Entrance.

The main door is called "The Mouth of Chi" in Feng Shui, as this is how the house absorbs Chi, or Universal Energy. The amount and quality of energy is largely determined by the condition of your front door and entryway.

If the entryway is clear, open and easy to access,
 chi can enter in high quantity and positive quality. If the front door is hidden, dark or cluttered, chi flow can drastically reduce, symbolically starving the house and its residents of greatly needed energy.
If this is the case, then you should definitely take these easy-to-complete tips:

·        If you can, paint your door with an upbeat color such as red or a color that will lift the energy if your door seems to be hidden from sight or too dark. You can also paint it with the color that belongs to the area it sits on: Click here for more info on entrance colors.

·        If the above tip is not possible, then you can purchase a bright red carpet to place on the outside/inside of the door to activate the entrance. This red needs to be really red! The reddest you can find, to activate auspiciousness.

·        You need to make your entrance the most visible as possible. You can place two pots of luscious plants of your choice on the sides of the entrance. You can also get a little bit more creative and create a path of stones (if possible) leading to your entrance.

·        Lighting is always important in Feng Shui, especially for the entrance. Since it needs to be visible, you can install two lights on each side. A single bright one above is also OK.

·        If you’d like, as a “last touch” you can add a nice water fountain running (which symbolizes flowing opportunities and positive chi) or a statue of a protective figure, such as Buddha. For him to look over your entrance and protect it at all times.


Entryway and hallways should have powerful yang energy which will play a very important role to bring good fortune into the house. Keep it bright and uncluttered all the times, fresh and healthy atmosphere are essential for good health and prevent tiredness.

I hope this article will definitely help you create a welcoming and energized Chi to be spread around your home.

Unique Feng Shui USA

Visit our Feng Shui for Entrances Catalog for more tips and cures to activate!

This article is copyrighted by Unique Feng Shui and may not be copied or duplicated in any manner including printed or
electronic media, without the prior written permission of the author.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

How to Feng Shui your Garage Quickly and Easily

how to feng shui garage tips

Let’s work on that Garage
Feng Shui reasons why your cluttered garage is not working out anymore.

Usually we care more about fixing up our homes nicely, but never focus on our garages, attics or basements. This is where we basically store memories, objects, and forgotten junk that we don’t have a place for at home.

When we decide to finally de-clutter these areas, where things are left to be forgotten (it feels like some sort of graveyard for forgotten objects) we can bring our lives back into balance once again. Believe it or not, the energy that these objects generate are of a loss of balance, because some of these things are always there, in our subconscious  bothering us, because every time we see them, we don’t know what to do with this or that, we basically don’t know where to start.

So, what we’re saying here is: Take that first step! We know it’s difficult, but finding the time to start is important. You can start organizing and de-cluttering whenever you want to, but remember, these forgotten items create stagnant energy, attracting unbalanced chi.

(Take note!)

**Questions I should ask myself throughout the declutter process:
o   Do I need it?
o   Do I appreciate and love it?
o   Does it uplift me?
o   Is it useful?
o   Does it reflect who I am today?
o   If this is broken, will I ever fix it?
Here are some tips for you to follow to have this process go much, much smoother!
  • ·        So we all agree on that garages are used for the storage of cars? Great!  So make it an area in which you can actually fit your cars.
  • ·        If you find certain things that you will need daily don’t have any cabinets in there to keep them. You can get some uplifting and colorful bins and place them there, it’s handy.
  • ·        Remove heavy objects from the ceiling, such as bikes, heavy sporting gear, etc. This created pressurized energy going down, not good.
  • ·        Heavier boxes (of useful and beloved items) should go on the lower shelves and lighter boxes above. If you have too many boxes, then we suggest to store some things elsewhere, less is more!
  • ·        Hang bells or wind chime in your garage area, keep them handy and reachable so you can ring them in order to store u the chi in your garage and keep stagnant energy out.
  • ·        You can display photos of your family or simply pictures or artwork that reflect a happy and uplifting area. An area that is pleasant to walk in.
  • ·        Keep your tools organized, get rid of the one that you never make use of and keep the others in reachable cabinets.
  • ·        Any dangerous looking tools such as rakes or saws definitely need to be out of sight inside the cabinet
  • ·        If you see any unsafe wires, make sure to organize or get rid of them.
  • ·        If you need to keep trash cans in here, you can keep them by getting nice and colorful ones with fun colors that uplift the energy.
  • ·        (Extra Tip) If you know where your garage falls into your bagua map, great! You can always decorate with symbols that activate the energy there. For example, if the garage falls into the Wealth area, then you can hang certain charms or coins from cabinet doors or the garage door as well as other items that symbolize wealth income. You can also paint a wall according to the color of the sector if you’d like to.

 You see, it’s not so hard to get rid of old clutter that you simply don’t need. You just have to take the first step! Trust us; once you are able to get rid of all these “obstacles” you will even feel relieved, as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. We promise!

-Bianca @UniqueFengShui

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Monday, March 30, 2015

5 Areas Where a Mirror SHOULD be Placed according to Feng Shui

feng shui mirror placement

5 Areas where a Mirror should be placed (correctly).
According to Feng Shui, mirrors can double your wealth, health and even your happiness, but only if it is placed and reflecting in the correct area. If it is reflecting incorrect energies, then it can do harm. Let’s take a look at what your mirror should NOT be reflecting:
  • ·         Clutter
  • ·         Another Mirror
  • ·         Dirtiness
  • ·         Flames coming from the stove
  • ·         The toilet seat
  • ·         A bed
  • ·         A door or window (or both)
     Let's take a look at some possible areas where you can place a mirror and bring auspiciousness:

A mirror in the Kitchen
It is usually best to keep mirrors out of the kitchen, especially because mirrors symbolize water and the kitchen has a lot of the Fire element. Water destroys the fire energy being generated here. Some consultants recommend a mirror to be placed behind the stove, for a cook to be able to view anything happening behind their backs. If you do not cook with your back facing a door, then there should be no problem.

A Mirror in the bathroom
To prevent energy from going down the drain, affix mirrors on top of the drains. This way, the mirror prevents any energy to go down any drains. You can affix small round mirrors above the shower drain and the sink, easily.

A mirror in the Bedroom
Sometimes the reason why you’re not getting any sleep might be that mirror you have in your bedroom. Avoid the mirror being placed next to the bed. If your mirror is facing you when you are lying on your bed, this attracts a third person to your relationship. (Remember, anything that a mirror reflects, it will double that.)
We understand if you need to look at your reflection before going out. You can easily solve this by placing your mirror inside your closet, this way, you can close the closet door if you’re not using the mirror and no energies are bouncing around in the bedroom.

feng shui bedroom mirror tips feng shu bedroom mirror placement

A mirror in the living room.
This is the best area they can be placed. If your mirror is reflecting food then this will attract abundance and prosperity. You need to be aware of a mirror reflecting an entrance or window, because if this is happening, energy is just escaping outside, this is inauspicious. You can also display the mirror in a way that it may reflect any house plants or outside fountains, which will bring auspiciousness.

feng shui mirror living room 

fneg shui living room mirror tips

There is always a solution for everything! With just a little bit of will power and some inspiration, you can simply move things you already have and make the most of your Feng Shui area.
As always, if you've any questions on our tips and tricks, feel free to chat with us or get in contact with us. We love sharing Feng Shui with you.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

5 Steps to Feng Shui your Aquarium.

Feng Shui your Aquarium in 5 Steps
Now that you’ve decided that you do want to get your own aquarium for Feng Shui (or you just want to Feng Shui the one you already own) let’s activate it!

1.    The Lucky Number of Fish and Type
The number 9 is considered the luckiest number in Feng Shui. It is the number of prosperity, attracting wealth for a life-time. The best types of Fish for your aquarium are the Goldfish or the Arowana (Dragon Fish), this selection is much more expensive than the Goldfish. Both of these types will suit the tank perfectly for Feng Shui.

2.    Combining the Nine Fish
The perfect combination of number and symbolism for your tank is having 8 red goldfish and 1 black fish. This symbolizes prosperous energies and wealth. Moreover, the number 8 is the prosperity number in Feng Shui.

3.    Why one Black Fish?
The purpose of this fish is to absorb all negative energies entering the home; it is a symbol of protection against this. It is said that if the black fish dies for unknown reasons, it is believed that the fish died from bad luck directed to you or any family member. Apart from the black fish, if any of the fish die from unknown causes, then it is believed that it has died from negativity directed to you. If this happens, make sure to remove the fish from the tank immediately and replace it as soon as possible.

4.    You can choose your own number of fish!
If you feel that you want to symbolize different energies at home or your office, you can do this by choosing a number of fish according to symbolism:
One: This is equal to new beginnings, new roads to be traveled.
Three: Expansion & Evolution
Six: Luck from heavenly Guides.

Eight: Wealth in abundance, prosperity luck

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