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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014 Feng Shui Forecast for the Ox

2014 Feng Shui Forecast
*The Ox*

"2014 is going to be a great year for the Ox sign in all aspects. You are going to be energetic and strong, and your inner chi appears very radiant. Throughout the year, you are going to ooze with confidence and people are going to find you very attractive."

Generally, the Ox people have to face three main stars that are not that favorable for them. These are the Yearly Killings, Sitting Three Killings and the Yin House. Fortunately this year, these stars are not going to have a very pronounced influence because your resilience, Life Force and Sprit Essence will help you in dealing with them quite effectively

The Yearly Killings star is known for loss and sadness, but you can minimize the effect by carrying the Fire Protection Key and the Bejeweled Hum on Lotus Keychain. You should also hang a Crystal Sphere or Faceted Crystal Ball so that the space can be enlightened with YANG energy. The three Killings are associated with three losses that can be related to reputation, loved ones and wealth. Counter affect this star by the 3 Divine Guardians Plaque and the 3 Divine Guardians Keychain. The Yin House can bring you bad news that are of a very serious nature such as the demise of a family member. You can deal with this only with extremely powerful spiritual cure such as the Bejeweled Green Tara.
You can also be impacted by the # 7 Robbery Star. However, the consequences might not be that great if you place the Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros or carry a Blue Rhinocero Amulet.


For the Ox people, your career in 2014 is going to enjoy greater heights thanks to the three main lucks that partner up with you: Spirit Essence, Life Force and Windhorse. In fact, they are going to have such a positive influence on your career that any professional wish you make is bound to come true.  Just be very clear about what you want and there is a very good chance that your goals would be achieved. And if you carry the victory banner with you, you would be extremely successful in all your endeavors.


As long as you sleep for at least 8 hours every day throughout the year, health is not going to affect your performance at work. You may experience stress which can cause digestive problems. Always have a Jade Wulou Amulet on you and place a woluo by your bed for health luck.


In terms of money, 2014 is going to be fine if your income is stable. However, stay away from risky investments because you may have to face some financial issues. As long as you have the Arowana on Bed of Wealth, Attracting big Money Talisman, Victory banner Talisman and 8 coins charm, you would be able to get through.


2014 can be a year of betrayals and broken commitments. Control your emotions and did start anything serious with new people. Having a Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks can improve your love life.

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