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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Repeated Accidents in the Home- Feng Shui Solutions

3 Easy steps to Avoid Accidents at Home
The Feng Shui Solution!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

How the Rooster Symbol Helps in Many Different Ways

The Rooster for Gossip in the Workplace

If you’re currently in a corporate environment you’re likely to face jealousy from colleagues. Any co-worker will benefit enormously by simply displaying the Rooster on the desk. Why? Because its potency lies on the glorious comb on its head and the sharp claws on its feet, best used as powerful deflectors of politicking and backbiting at the work place. It will bring great harmony in the work place!
Feng Shui Rooster
Feng Shui Rooster for Gossip in the Workplace

The Rooster as a Feng Shui Gift
If your son or daughter has just started working at a high stress job, get him/her a rooster and for additional protection, you can carry a Rooster key chain or charm.

The Feng Shui Rooster and Love
Not only is the Rooster good to fight back gossip in the workplace, it also activates wonderful peach blossom luck, which attracts love and marriage vibes.
People born under the years of the Monkey, Rat or Dragon will benefit with luck for meeting their soul mate, with great results in romance and marriage. Great relationship luck for the Snake, Ox and Dragon, if you are one of these animal signs, display the Feng Shui Rooster on your desk and enjoy the luck of your loyal zodiac allies.

This is not all of the Feng Shui Rooster:
The Feng Shui Rooster prevents any third-party interference in amorous relationships or friendships!

Feng Shui for Love
Feng Shui Rooster Against Third Party Medallion
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All images and content have been copyrighted. Prohibited reproduction.