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Thursday, November 20, 2014

4 Easy Steps to Correctly Smudge your Home

feng shui smudging

Cleansing is beneficial for many types of situations. It is used for clearing old negative energies or heavy energy. 
It's a great way to shift the energy "back to 0", this is positive, it's like new beginnings. 
Keep in mind that to cleanse properly your intention is very important, you are cleansing energies in the home, but you're also cleansing yourself. 
We hope you enjoyed our 4 Easy steps to Correctly Smudge/Cleanse your Home!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tai Sui 2015

tai sui 2015

The Tai Sui is the most feared and respected diety in Chinese beliefs. He must not be disturbed wherever his star falls in the current year. 

 3 Ways to Appease the Tai Sui in 2015
  • Avoid sitting, facing or sleeping towards the Tai Sui direction of your home.
  • Avoid construction or repair work in this area of the home. If this location is disturbed, members in the household will have to face a tough year with much arguments and sicknesses
  • Carry protective amulets: Remember, the Tai Sui is very fond of his pet the "Pi Yao" if you carry these types of protective amulets in this area you will be able to appease him. Weather your sign is or isn't in direct conflict with the Tai Sui in 2015, you may carry these amulets for protection. 
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Friday, November 7, 2014

feng shui lucky bamboo

  • They represent positive growth in every aspect. 
Yet, for a keener eye, bamboo symbolizes wisdom and peace. Its strength comes from its flexibility and hollow structure and that is what it teaches us, to be flexible and free. This is the reason, lucky bamboo are used in Feng Shui to influence positive growth, energy, vitality, spiritual freedom and wisdom.

  • It's a Good Luck Symbol.
In most Asian cultures, bamboo has remained a symbol of good luck and fortune for centuries. Feng Shui deeply explores the symbolic meaning hidden in the bamboo and considers it as a symbol of luck, fortune and happiness.

  • You can create different styles of arrangements!
Bamboo stalks and tiers come in many different sizes and styles. You have spiral or straight bamboos to create your very own arrangement at home. Playing with lengths and shapes you can achieve a creative style!

  • Easy placement.

The best place to keep your Feng Shui lucky bamboo is the East side of the room as you face the door. It can be placed in the office, bedroom or recreational area. 
Similarly, if you place your lucky bamboo in the Northern sector of the room, you will experience a significant improvement in your career. Displaying it in the South Eastern sector is an invitation to wealth and fortune. 

  • Easy to care for.

Bamboos are easy to care for and are considered to be the least demanding plants. Combined with their powerful symbolic nature, lucky bamboos are becoming extremely popular.

Extra tips! 
Certain amounts of bamboo stalks have different meanings and work for specific purposes...

2 Stalks for love and marriage.
3 Stalks for happiness.
  • 5 Stalks for health.
  • 6 Stalks bring prosperity and favorable conditions.
  • 7 Stalks bring good health.
  • 8 Stalks bring growth and prosperity.
  • 9 Stalks lucky number for good fortune and happiness.
  • 10 Stalks symbolize completeness and perfection.
  • 21 Stalks offer a powerful all-embracing blessing.

  • *Bamboo towers have a special meaning; they represent climbing such as seeking a promotion at work.*

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